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UMCCed invites Malaysian citizens with qualifications and work experience in related fields to fill a vacancy of the following position at UMCCed:


How to apply?
Skim Latihan Sepanjang Hayat (SLASH)
"Lifelong Training Scheme"
(Specifically for UMCCed / UM Staff and spouse only)

SLASH Application Guidelines

Application Form:
UMCCed Staff

UMCCed/UM Staff's Spouse



    October 2014 Intake is Now Open For Applications

The Executive Diploma programmes are specially designed and developed to enhance skills and knowledge of the working community for their career advancement.
All working individuals are invited to apply for the upcoming October 2014 intakes.

Programmes Offered :

  • Executive Diploma in Management (Administration and Operations)
  • Executive Diploma in Management (Human Resource)
  • Executive Diploma in Management (Business)
  • Executive Diploma in Accounting Administration
  • Executive Diploma in Early Childhood Education
  • Executive Diploma in Counselling
  • Executive Diploma in Information Technology







Certified Professional Trainer and Facilitator (CPTF) Training Programme

Certified Professional Management Consultant (CPMC) Training Programme

This 3-month weekend programme will provide exposure and training to the participants to be certified professional trainers to corporate sectors, MNCs, small & medium industries and businesses.






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