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Programmes Offered
Executive Diploma
Executive Diploma in Management (Administration and Operations)
Executive Diploma in Management (Human Resource)
Executive Diploma in Management (Business)
Executive Diploma in Early Childhood Education
Executive Diploma in Counselling
Executive Diploma in Accounting Administration

Executive Diploma in Syariah (Content in Bahasa Malaysia)
Executive Diploma in Usuluddin (Content in Bahasa Malaysia)

* Certificate in Syariah (Sijil Pengajian Syariah)
* Certificate in Usuluddin (Sijil Pengajian Usuluddin)
Sijil Bahasa Arab (SBAR)
Sijil Kemahiran Membaca Al-Quran (SKAQ)
* Certficate in Islamic Financial Planning (Sijil Perancangan Kewangan Islam)
Business and Executive Coaching
Certified Business & Executive Coach Programme (CBEC)

In-House Coaching Programme :
Coaching For Leaders
Performance Improvement Through Coaching and Mentoring
Executive & Business Coaching
Coaching For Entrepreneurs
Short Courses & Workshops
Business Correspondence & Report Writing Skills
Strategic Marketing Management
Quality Customer Service
Business Negotiation Skills
Creative Problem-Solving & Decision-Making
Interpersonal Communication Skills
Counselling: Empowering Leaders to Empower Staffs
Business English Course
Pedagogy for Higher Education
Teaching, Learning and Technology in Higher Education
Malay Language for Communication
Kindergarten Planning And Management
Effective Teaching And Learning For Teachers And Children
Early Childhood Education
Essential English Skills for Preschool Teachers - It’s Time To Learn
Essential English Skills for Preschool Teachers - Back To Basics
Basic Course On Digital Photography
English Proficiency
English Language Proficiency Programme (ELPP)

Vision & Mission
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