1. The various types of HOT skills, such as Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking  Mathematical Thinking and other types of skills
  2. Infusion and Integration of HOT skills into content instructions in all subjects/courses
  3. Problem Solving in mathematics and other subjects, Thinking-based learning and Thinking Routines as tools for infusing and integrating HOTS into content instruction
  4. Metacognition and basic idea about habits of mind and philosophy

Course Objectives

The goals of the Course are:

  • Participants will learn to view pedagogy in a broader perspectives through a session on Pedagogical Models and Principles
  • Participants will be exposed to the conceptual meaning of Higher-order Thinking Skills (HOTS) and how they are infused or integrated into content instructions through various pedagogical approaches
  • Participants will better understand how to apply problem solving approaches in the teaching of mathematics (including engineering mathematics) and how to infuse HOTS through Thinking-based learning and integrate HOTS through Thinking-Routines
  • Participants will also be introduced to basic idea about STEM education and IR4.0.
  • The idea is for educators to apply the 21st Century pedagogical content knowledge to meet the demands of STEM education

Who should attend

  • Educators of all levels – schools, teacher training institutions and universities
  • Academicians both in humanities, science, mathematics and engineering
  • Educators and administrators from Ministry of Education – PPD, SISC and SIP

What will you learn

  1. Thinking – Definitions and a brief history of thinking, Knowledge, education and basic idea about Philosophy
  2. Ways of Thinking – Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking
    1. Lateral Thinking, Mathematical Thinking and
    2. Scientific Thinking
  3. Pedagogical Models and Principles
  4. 21st century pedagogy – Thinking-based learning (TBL) Problem Solving, Thinking Routines
  5. Infusion of Critical and Creative Thinking into content instruction through TBL and Problem Solving
  6. Cognition and Metacognition
  7. Overview of Assessment
  8. How to align educational objectives, pedagogy and assessment through HOT


  1. Professor Emeritus Dato’ Isahak Haron
    • Academic Advisor CenT-TI and an associate scholar of CenT-TI
    • Professor in pedagogy ,Faculty of Education, University Malaya
  2. Zahari Othman
    • A member of N.C.T.M USA and a member of Critical thinking Community USA
    • Director Center for Teaching Thinking And Innovation(CenT-TI)


8-9 December 2018


University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur


RM300 (Local)
RM550 (International)

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Contact Info

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Mr. Samsol / Mr. Wahyu
Tel : +603-2246 3374
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