Course Code : UDE


This programme aims to develop graduates with accounting and business management skills to either develop their career or further their education in field of accounting.


By the end of this programme, students should be able to:

  • Equip students with the practical the theoretical aspect of accounting
  • Train students to execute accounting assignments and prepare basic financial statements
  • Produce accounting graduates who are capable of analyzing accounting problems ethically and effectively
  • Develop the skills required to work as a team, entrepreneurship and lifelong learning

Career and Academic Path

Graduates of the Diploma in Accounting Programme will have the opportunity to further their studies to a Bachelor Degree in related fields at local universities.

The graduates of this programme will be able to obtain positions such as Accountants Assistant at government departments and statutory bodies subject to the prescribed conditions of the public service. The graduates will also be qualified to hold various posts in the private sector.

Course Structure

Students must complete a total of 92 credit in order to be awarded the Diploma in Accounting.

They must pass all 29 courses/subjects prescribed as Institution Compulsory Courses, Core Courses and Programme Courses.

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