The UMCCED DHS Hospitality programmes were developed to enhance the skills of individuals currently employed in the Hospitality Industry and also Youths and aspiring graduates to seek a Career in the Hospitality Industry. The programmes offered under this collaboration with DHS Hospitality Academy are as follow;


  • Develop Malaysian Youths to seek a Career into entry level positions in the Hospitality Industry.
  • To Re-Skill employees in the Industry and enhance provide an opportunity to enhance their competitiveness within the Industry
  • To seek program recognition and offer Internship opportunities for International Students to undergo 6 – 12 months Internship in Malaysia

Entry Requirement

  • Working experience of six months in related industries; OR
  • Completed SPM

Programme Methodology

Lecturer, case study, demonstration and presentation

Medium of Instruction

The medium of instruction would be English and Bahasa Malaysia.

Programme Assessment

  • Quiz upon completion of all modules
  • Project work
  • Practicall assessment
  • Practical training (related programme)

List of Courses

Certificate of Completion in Accommodation Operations (CCAS)
Certificate of Competency in Convention & Exhibition Management (CCEM)
Certificate of Competency in Kitchen Operations (CCKO)
Certificate of Completion in Wellness Operations (CCWO)
Certificate of Completion in Food & Beverage Operations (CFBO)
Certificate of Competency in Fast Food Operations (CFFO)
Career Certificate in Hotel Operations (CHOP)
Certificate of Completion in Retail Operations (CROP)
Certificate of Competency in Restaurant Operations (CROS)
Hospitality Employment Skills Program (HESP)

For further details about this programme, please contact:

Dr. Sri Kumar : 019-2757976
Mr. Wahyu : 03-22463600
Mr KC Chia: 0189659969
Ms Hazel: 0189639969

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.