Certified Environmental Professional In Scheduled Waste Management

Certified Environmental Professional In Scheduled Waste Management

Course Code: PCSBM


Scheduled wastes are by nature very toxic and dangerous. Improper management of such waste will lead to serious pollution of the environment and the ecosystems as well as immediate/ long term impact to the human health. Managing scheduled wastes require comprehensive understanding of regulatory framework, waste properties, waste management concepts and the accepted good management practices. UMCCed is providing a training programme to train personnel who are involved in managing scheduled wastes to be competent in their job functions. The competent persons will ensure that scheduled wastes in the premises are managed and handled properly in accordance with the legal requirements

The Objective
  • Explain the legal requirements on scheduled waste management
  • Identify, classify and categorize scheduled wastes
  • Implement sound and effective scheduled waste management practices
  • Formulate an implementation plan for full compliances with the regulatory requirements of the Environmental Quality (Scheduled Wastes) Regulations 2005
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