Modern Theatre Production

Modern Theatre Production

This is an integrated course where all the major components of modern theater are implemented comprehensively with segregation of works. The early phase of the planning process includes the selection and interpretation of the script, adaptation for the stage, the selection of the production team and the determination of schedules and important dates. The second phase is delegation of tasks; management (logistics, financial, promotion, publicity), technical (sets, props, lighting, sound systems, etc.) and artistic (acting, dance & music). Each unit is supervised by an instructor with a total participation of students. The final phases are preview sessions and public performance.
Course Objectives

At the end of the course, participants are able to:

  1. Handle all aspects of practice in a selected modern theatre production.
  2. Solve production issues through involvement in all staging aspects.
  3. Manage the aspects of theatre techniques including special effects, lighting, make-up, set building, props management and design/selection of costume as well as stage management, theatre management, promotion and publicity.
  4. Implement a modern theatre performance as a team.
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