Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

This course begins with some introduction to virtual reality technology and its applications, followed by detail explanation regarding input and output devices that are being used in virtual reality application. Students will also learn about human sensory systems (visual, audio and tactile) and their relations to the development of virtual reality devices, as well as the possible effects these devices have on human health.  Then students will be taught about how to model a virtual reality world and manipulate its objects using virtual reality development tools and programming languages. The course ends by providing students with fundamental knowledge regarding data visualisation and augmented reality, a research area that is closely related to virtual reality.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course, participants are able to:
1. Explain the technology that supports virtual reality applications and human perceptions involved in designing a virtual reality environment.
2. Discuss other technologies including visualization and augmented reality
3. Develop a virtual reality environment using suitable tools and programming language.

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