Applied Coaching & Mentoring Skills for Leaders

Applied Coaching & Mentoring Skills for Leaders


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This 3 Days High Impact Session takes a deep dive into Coaching & Mentoring Skills as well as combining personality profiling as tool to accelerate the Coaching and Mentoring session to a higher level where it could help employees to maximise their contribution and performance. The combination of Coaching and Mentoring Skills enables leader to play a dual role as and when required to bring staff performance to an optimum level. Coaching is viewed as a proven intervention for change, performance improvement and employee engagement. Whereas, Mentoring Skills will ensure the transfer of knowledge, skills and behavior effectively. The implementation of Coaching and Mentoring in day to day working life elevates leadership qualities, create positive relationship between leaders and their employees, and ensure employees obtain relevant and required know-how, and behavior to complete their tasks.

  1. Gain 5 Powerful Coaching Tools
  2. Obtain Techniques to Improve Relationship with Employees
  3. Apply Methods to Drive Individuals and Team Performance through Coaching
  4. Apply Coaching Techniques in Workplace
  5. Acquire Applied Knowledge on Psychology of Mentoring and Learning
  6. Able to Create a Consistent Methodology of Mentoring that Increases Performance and Support the organizational growth
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