Business Analytics for Managers: Data Driven Decision Making

Business Analytics for Managers: Data Driven Decision Making

Business Analytics is the core component of any business. There is an abundance of data in a business that needs to be extracted, distributed, and analyzed in a way that brings productivity to the business. 

Managers who are leading their organizations have to play the lead role in shaping the direction and planning the strategies on who, what, when, where and how should data analytics be applied in the different parts of the organization. Modern organisation managers or specialists are expected to decipher insights from an organisation-wide IT system and be able to provide precise analysis and recommendations for senior managers/executives.

To do this effectively means parsing through tonnes of data to recognise and analyse patterns using the best tools for the job. This course will provide an in-depth understanding of how to use business analytics to derive meaningful insights for business, thus building their capability and confidence in using data analytic as part of their job role.

  1. Leverage business analytics understanding to formulate business strategy
  2. Understand the significance of analytics in business perspective.
  3. Determine which is the most appropriate type of analysis for business decisions
  4. Gain an understanding of what makes for a successful business analytics project
  5. Acquire an understanding of how to manage a business analytics project
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