Competency Certificate in Retail Operations

Competency Certificate in Retail Operations

Course Code: CCRO


Retail Industry functions as one of the largest workforce in Malaysia but there are very limited accredited learning programs for the retail area. The Competency Certificate in Retail Operations program allows participants to enhance their workplace skills, knowledge and relevant hands- on experience needed to propel their career in the retail industry.  

  • To provide opportunity for Malaysians who are interested to pursue a career in retail operations.
  • To acknowledge and increase participants’ career leverage through a competency certificate from University of Malaya (UM).
  • To reduce unemployment rate in Malaysia by increasing the number of well-equipped retail talents for the local retail industry.
  • To decrease dependency on foreign workforce by preparing and providing a steady supply of job-ready local talents.
  • To boost national economic growth through the empowerment of retail front-line employees’ knowledge and skills.
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