Future of Communication & Leading Across Virtual Team

Future of Communication & Leading Across Virtual Team


"The Key To Progress And Prosperity Lies Not In Satisfaction With What We Have Already Achieved But In A Firm Determination To Make Even Greater Efforts In The Future."  said Tunku Abdul Rahman al Haj at the launching of the 1st Malaysian Plan in 1965.  What Tunku said then is still very pertinent and relevant now in 2022.  In  order for us to be future-ready and relevant, Tunku urged us to enhance ourselves with competencies, knowledge and most importantly character. 

Many research has found that employees have these following gaps.

  1. Poor Communication & Writing  Skills
  2. Lack Integrity and Ethics During Observations in The Assessment Centre
  3. Poor Command of English and Bahasa Malaysia.
  4. Fail To Show Leadership and Ownership to Tasks Given.
  5. Fail To Actively Contribute to  Working as a Team with others

This three-day future leaders program is specifically designed with many experiential-learning activities in the Cognitive Process Profile to ensure that the results are a true reflection of the participants’ abilities. They are put to test not merely on their intelligence quotient but most crucially their conflict-resolution, time-management and resource-management skills. There will be a simulation of the future of workplaces and the scenario planning we should prepare ourselves to be relevant and future ready.  In a nutshell, we are here to ensure our future leaders are great problem solvers with immaculate soft-skills to lead a better Malaysia to be an advanced nation.

These following questions will be at the back of our minds when we walk through the two-day program with scenario planning of what are instore for us in future.

  1. What is the current state globally?
  2. What are the 14 most thriving industries ?
  3. What are the future ready skills?
  4. Where are you now?
  5. Where do I go from here?

Uniqueness of this program:

  • Participants get to understand the evolution of human civilization and the inventions that come along with progress; past, present and future.
  • Participants are able to foresee what the future holds for us and how we could best plan and maneuver live and working amidst these future changes and challenges
  1. To prepare leaders to face the reality of how important elements of our lives will go through constant changes 
  2. To prepare leaders to be relevant and future ready
  3. To explore the elements required in future to co-exist with artificial intelligence and related technologies both at home and at the workplace
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