Applied EQ Based Leadership Skills

Applied EQ Based Leadership Skills


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Intra & Interpersonal Skills, EQ & various other Applied Leadership Skills are factors that make great leaders to achieve organisational objectives with optimum natural commitment from their employees. Implementation of these skills into your daily life as a Supervisor elevates the leadership qualities and creates a positive relationship between you as a leader and your employees in which will reflect their perfomance & productivity.

  1. Improve Communication with Subordinates & Your Inner Self
  2. Gain Control on Power of Perception
  3. Understand well on Roles & Responsibilities, Qualities of a Supervisor
  4. Obtain Techniques to Improve Relationship with Employees
  5. Ability to Manage Various Types of Personalities in your Team
  6. Ability to Manage Change in Organization & Life
  7. Apply Emotional Excellence & EQ as an Effective People Management Strategy
  8. Power of Team Dynamics for Achieving Organization Objective
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