HOTS & 21st CENTURY PEDAGOGY (Foundation) Stage 2

HOTS & 21st CENTURY PEDAGOGY (Foundation) Stage 2

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University of Malaya Centre for Continuing Education (UMCCed) in collaboration with Center for Teaching Thinking and Innovation (CenT-Ti) is pleased to invite you to attend the HOTS & 21st CENTURY PEDAGOGY (Foundation) Stage 2 workshop. This workshop is aimed at developing a culture of thinking in schools and society where we demonstrate to the educators, students and parents how HOT could be promoted and practised both in classrooms and real life.

  • The various types of HOT skills, such as Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking  Mathematical Thinking and other types of skills
  • Infusion and Integration of HOT skills into content instructions in all subjects/courses
  • Problem Solving in mathematics and other subjects, Thinking-based learning and Thinking Routines as tools for infusing and integrating HOTS into content instruction
  • Metacognition and basic idea about habits of mind and philosophy
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Mr. Samsol
Mr. Wahyu

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Mr. Zahari Othman
013-2418262 / 03-22463393

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