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Business owners and managers may not have the prerequisite know-how to properly manage a business effectively or evaluate a business poised for growth and expansion. This in turn leads to difficulties in venturing into new areas, assessing and mitigating the risks pertinent to the business. The challenges are invariably compounded when the business is in high risk or specialized areas.

Added to this, in today’s highly competitive environment; quality, productivity, professionalism and efficiency make a significant difference. Studies have shown that consumers are increasingly willing to spend more for higher quality products and services. 

To stay in the lead, business owners and managers must muster complex business subjects whether qualitative or quantitative in nature. 

This course will equip business owners and managers with proven management techniques to handle today’s dynamic environment.  It revolves around the methodology of 7Ps and innovation. It places a high emphasis on strategic business value-adding, application of improvement dynamics and operation enhancements.
To equip participants with additional tools, knowledge and exposure to enable them to manage a business more effectively and in the process value-add, increase profitability and cash flow of the business.
At the end of the session, participants will be able to:
• Understand the framework of business and how each department relates to each other to accelerate the organisation to the next level of success.
• Apply the knowledge to:
i. Improve business profitability and liquidity
ii. Secure business loans
iii. Conduct due diligence
iv. Undertake a business or project evaluation
v. Develop an effective feasibility study
• Design workable and achievable corporate strategic plans that will lead to increased performance.
• Lead their organisations more effectively, professionally and free from stress and organisational conflicts.
• Implement strategies leading to operational reliability and cost benefit of between 10% and 25%.
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