Digital Marketing Zero To Hero

Digital Marketing Zero To Hero


This course is entry to the intermediate level, for sales & marketing personnel who need basic skills on digital marketing or business owners who use conventional marketing and business transformation.

With the current market, especially since recent Covid19 pandemic, a lot of business realize the importance of selling online.

This course will help you to master the skill set you need to promote any business online. We will learn the variety of channels, such as social media, email marketing, website marketing and search engine optimization.

This course is very suitable for candidates who interests to know digital marketing, as we cover from basic to intermediate, you will also get hand on during the course and be ready to launch your own digital marketing campaign right after this course.

  1. In this course, the participants will learn the important of brand awareness, how to lead generation using social media, target the right customer.

  2. Participants will also learn how to increase sales using Digital Marketing, and expand the local business, we can bring our business to be global.

  3. Any businesses wishing to create an online presence, turn offline into online

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