Executive Diploma in Information Technology

Executive Diploma in Information Technology

Course Code: UFH (MQA/SWA0808)


This program aims to produce graduates who possess the knowledge, skills and interest to meet the specifications of a job in information technology. Through this program, students will gain competence in the use of equipment and software and be able to manage and interpret information to solve a problem in the organization.

Curriculum, course content, academic standards and course assessment are designed to allow students to acquire academic knowledge and develop personal skills and abilities for career advancement.


By the end of this programme, students should be able to:

  • apply basic knowledge of the principles and skills in the field of information technology.
  • be proficient in communication and interaction in the team and have leadership qualities in practicing information technology solutions.
  • apply knowledge in solving computing problems in line with international code of professionalism and ethics.
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Application must be made either through Online Application@UMCCed or the prescribed form,which may be obtained form UMCCed office or can be downloaded here. 


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