Islamic Studies

All courses are specially designed to enhance skills and knowledge related to the client vocation for career advancement. The curriculum, which is developed and designed by professional lecturers from Academy of Islamic Studies, University of Malaya and also professional practitioners, stresses on both theoretical and practical aspects, to cater to working adults' needs to enhance their knowledge and skills in related fields. All courses are carried out on part-time basis and classes are held on weekends.

The learning and teaching methods comprises of lectures, discussions, group presentations, exercises, videos and case studies. All these methods are enhanced through the use of various teaching aids. To maintain credibility in UMCCed certification, all examinations are conducted under strict university regulations.

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Programme Code
Syariah (Pengajian Syariah)
Usuluddin (Pengajian Usuluddin)
Arabic Language (Bahasa Arab)
Proficiency in Al-Quran Recitation (Kemahiran Membaca Al-Quran)

*Content in Bahasa Melayu

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