Universiti Malaya's Open Channel

Universiti Malaya's Open Channel

Universiti Malaya's Open Channel is a special channel for admission of students into Bachelor Degree programmes. Through this channel, UM provides an opportunity for more qualified students to enrol in the quality and recognized programmes offered by the faculties.
Indeed, the offer of quality programmes through SATU is with the purpose of fulfilling the aim of University of Malaya (UM) to channel its expertise and commitment in expanding knowledge and skills to all levels of the society.
This initiative is also in tandem with the nation’s aspiration to increase knowledge, creativity and innovation, as well as to cultivate a first class mindset as a core to ensure the success of achieving the status of high-income nation through world class human capital development.


Program yang ditawarkan untuk Sesi 2020 :

Programmes Offered for 2020 Session :


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Sarjana Muda Undang-Undang
Bachelor of Laws

Ekonomi dan Pentadbiran
Economics and Administration

Sarjana Muda Ekonomi
Bachelor of Economics

Perniagaan dan Perakaunan
Business and Accounting

Sarjana Muda Perakaunan
Bachelor of Accounting


Sarjana Muda  Perubatan dan Sarjana Muda  Pembedahan
Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery


Sarjana Muda Farmasi
Bachelor of Pharmacy


Sarjana Muda  Sains Aktuari
Bachelor of Actuarial Science

Sains Komputer dan Teknologi Maklumat
Computer Science and Information Technology

Sarjana Muda  Sains Komputer (Kejuruteraan Perisian)
Bachelor of Computer Science (Software Engineering)

Sarjana Muda  Sains Komputer (Kepintaran Buatan)
Bachelor of Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence)



Sarjana Muda  Kejuruteraan AwamBachelor of Civil Engineering

Sarjana Muda  Kejuruteraan Elektrik
Bachelor of Electrical Engineering

Sarjana Muda  Kejuruteraan Kimia
Bachelor of Chemical Engineering

Sarjana Muda  Kejuruteraan Mekanik
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

Sarjana Muda  Kejuruteraan Bioperubatan
Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering

For more information, either chat with us by clicking the FB Messenger button on the right or call us at:-
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Or email SATU’s program coordinator directly at:- marsyahana@um.edu.my (Pn. Marsyahana)

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