The Communicative English Programme

The Communicative English Programme


The Communicative English Programme (CEP) is a specially-designed programme that fulfils the language learning needs of Malaysian school leavers. Using a learner-centred communicative approach, the programme offers a special focus on the dynamic integration of vocabulary, basic grammar, listening, pronunciation and communicative functions. By attending the programme, the participants will be able to communicate
Programme objectives

By the end of this programme, students should be able to:

  1. Express themselves effectively using appropriate grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation;
  2. Perform common language functions in social situations, such as introducing themselves, making a request, asking for clarifications, giving and accepting invitations;
  3. Develop their oral skills for specific purposes (interview, participating in discussions, and public speaking).
Programme Features
Programme Structure
Who Should Attend
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Contact Info

For further details about this programme, please contact :
Mr. Firdaus Mahzan
603-2246 3377
6019-222 2303

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