English Language Proficiency Programmes (ELPP)

English Language Proficiency Programmes (ELPP)


Brochure Overview

The new curricular changes to the ELPP was driven by demands by current and past ELPP students and their supervisors to match course content to current needs of students pursuing their Diploma, Executive Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree, Master and PhD at University of Malaya. Thus, the new ELPP focuses on the skills of speaking and writing for academic purposes and stresses on grammar and vocabulary to reinforce speaking and writing.

Students are prepared for discussions and presentations and read, analyse and write expository and argumentative reports and essays. Classes will be more interactive and include projects based on visits to cultural centres. Experiential learning will be emphasized. Materials will focus on current issues from readings from National Geographic, newspapers and current affairs from BBC, CNN and local news. 

Course Objectives

The main objective is to enhance proficiency in the English language so that the course participants can communicate more effectively and efficiently in this language for the fulfillment of their various needs, specifically

  • For social interaction with people who use the English language
  • To pursue academic activities conducted in the English language
  • To be better prepared for taking English language examination (IELTS) that form part of the international study prerequisites
Course Structure
Course Components
Step by step applying ELPP
Learning/Teaching Methods & Materials

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