Intensive Malay Language Programme (KIBM)


The intensive Malay language course is tailored exclusively for non-native adults who wish to accelerate their competency and eloquence at a higher level. Participants are trained privately either on one-to-one basis or in small groups. Participant gain the opportunity to become fluent in using the Malay language in a variety of social contexts skilfully.

Course Objectives

  • Able to communicate and apply speech forms, and proper use of Malay grammar into various professional, academic and social courses.
  • Discuss specific topics and current issues that emphasize socio-economic, political, universal and cultural aspects in Malaysian context.
  • Read and understand content in authentic quotations, and be able to interpret information from stimuli, literary texts and Malay proverbs.
  • Write discussions related to administration, business reports, and reviews, and convey information using individual reviews.

Expected Proficiency

All participants will sit for a placement test to determine their actual proficiency level. The participant’s ability level will then be determined to the acquired proficiency or further as per request.

For instance,
Level CFR A1/A2 will be stretched to level CFR B1 or B2.
Level CFR B1/B2 will be stretched to level CFR C1 or C2.

Course Content

Participant/s will be begin to study the content based on their current achievement level and then will be accelerated to the next desired level.

For instance,

Participant/s who begin at Beginners level will be exposed to Malay language acquisition which comprises Malay syllables, phrases and simple structures, vocabulary, cultural expressions, numbers, time markers, easy grammar, listening to audio, reading simple text and stories, understanding the meaning of words, responding to questions, writing short sentences, and simple paragraphs. By end of the course, participant/s would be able to complete some of the Intermediate course contents.

Participant/s who begin at the Intermediate level will be exploring Malaysia which comprises of themes of culture, cuisine, environment, history, leisure activities, places of interest, transport, people and well-being, customs and traditions, weather and other relevant reading materials. By end of the course, participant/s would be able to complete some of the advanced course contents.

Participant/s who begin at the advanced level will gain exposure to meeting people in Malaysia and find new friends, buying tickets, ordering food, making hotel reservations, asking for directions and land marks, transport, visiting doctor, shopping, banking, rent houses and other relevant authentic materials. By end of the course, participant/s would be able to complete fluency level course contents which comprises reading and understanding the content in unfamiliar written discourses, understand and convey messages appropriately to formal, informal and non-formal language utterances, use accurate and appropriate expressions, idioms and genre-specific meanings, and listen to native speakers’ exchanges and provide vivid feedback.

Who should Attend

Expatriates, Political officers and International Organisations.

Number of Course participants:

Individual / private one
Group 5 participants


As per request, number of hour ranges from 100 up to 400 hours.

The Intensive Malay course commences from Monday to Friday (5 days per week) from 9 am until 2 pm.

Venue : University of Malaya Centre for Continuing Education (UMCCed), Kuala Lumpur.

Training Methodology

  • Various tools and techniques will be used to enhance learning and ensure transfer of knowledge and competency for practical application of the skills and strategies acquired. For single participants, a one to one approach which includes interpersonal interaction, coaching, discussion, exercises, newspaper articles, short stories and use of audio visual will be used. Meanwhile for groups, they will be involved actively in more interactive and integrated activities, discussions, and presentations, written assignments, newspaper excerpts, literature genres and use of audio visual too.
  • Participant/s too will be involved in educational and social visits that are organised within the surroundings of Kuala Lumpur. The visits include Dark Cave / Batu Caves, Museum Orang Asli, Royal Selangor, Kraf Negara, FRIM /Kuala Selangor, Movie, cultural events, pasar malam etc.

Assessment Methods

Assessments comprise;

  • Continuous Assessments – tests / presentation / quizzes / narration / report writing (60% + progress report).
  • Summative Assessments – listening / speaking / reading / writing (40% + final report).

Awarding of Certificate

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be awarded a Certificate of Completion (determined by the level of achievement) by the University of Malaya Centre for Continuing Education (UMCCed)

Course Fee

Specific quotation will be advised.

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