1. Course Title :
    Professional Certificate in Malay as Modern Foreign Language

  2. Expected Proficiency
    All participants will sit for a placement test to determine their actual proficiency level. Upon this, participant’s ability level will be stretched to the acquired proficiency or further as per request.

    For instance, 

    Level CFR A1 will be stretched to level CFR C1 / C2
  3. Certification
    Upon successful completion of the course, participant will be awarded Professional Certificate in Malay as Modern Foreign Language by the University of Malaya Centre for Continuing Education (UMCCed).

  4. Duration


    20 April 2020 – 20 July 2020

    (Every Monday & Wednesday)

    2pm – 6pm

    4pm – 8pm

    Total Contact Hours



    3 months

    (Equivalent To 3 Credit Hours)

  5. Venue
    University of Malaya Centre for Continuing Education (UMCCed), Kuala Lumpur.

  6. Course Objectives
    • Converse with confidence and Understand communication and information delivered in the Malay Language and, in turn provide appropriate responses and feedbacks.
    • Read and understand short stories, narratives, Malay expressions and phrases, and simple texts.
    • Write memos and message; respond to emails and simple description in Malay using specific Malay expressions and phrases.
    •  Develop reading comprehension of authentic business texts 
    • Gain competency in social discourse fields and engage in discussions on related issues.
    • listen to audio speeches, presentations and intense text, and provide clear comprehension accounts

  7. Course Contents:
    • Participants will be exposed to Malay language acquisition which comprises Malay syllable, phrases and simple structures, vocabulary, cultural expressions, numbers, time markers, easy grammar, listening to audio, reading simple text and stories, understanding the meaning of words, responding to questions, writing short sentences, and simple paragraphs. 
    • Then, participants will be exploring Malaysia which comprises of themes of culture, cuisine, environment, history, leisure activities, places of interest, transport, people and wellbeing, customs and tradition, weather and other relevant reading materials.
    • In the following segment, participants actively involved in interactive situations involving making orders, booking room, asking for directions, shopping and other pertinent daily routines.
    • Finally, participants’ learning will focus on preparing a presentation, delivering instructions, writing complaint, enquiry, refusing, accepting, preparing report, making phone calls, provide opinion and other official matters.

  8. Methodology 
    Various tools and techniques will be used to enhance learning and ensure transfer of knowledge and competency for practical application of the skills and strategies acquired. The teaching method will include interpersonal interaction, group discussion, exercises, newspaper articles, short story and use of audio visual will be used.

  9. Evaluation
    Assessment comprise 
    1. Continuous assessments - tests/presentation/quizzes/ narration / report writing (60%) 
    2. Formative – feedback, demonstration, modeling, coaching
    3. summative assessments – listening/speaking/reading/writing (40%)

  10. Programme Fee
    The fee is RM 4,950.00 The fee is inclusive of notes, modules, examinations, lectures, activities, trips and administration.

    Fee can be paid in full or by installment.


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