Intensive MUET Workshop

Intensive MUET Workshop

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  • Intensive MUET Workshop is an intensive 2-day workshop to all MUET candidates who aim to seek guidance from the experts and experiences trainers.
  • This course is designed and structured to provide a comprehensive overview of MUET and offers the techniques and strategies in answering all four components of MUET.
  • Also, this intensive workshop concentrating on the important exam tips, interactive hands-on practices, engaging activities as well as useful test-taking strategies to ace in MUET examination.
Objective Of Course
  • Participants will learn about the four components: writing, reading, listening and speaking in MUET formats.
  • Participants will learn the structures and format for MUET Writing Task 1 and Writing Task 2
  • Participants will learn reading techniques such as skimming and scanning relevant to MUET
  • Participants will learn the techniques for MUET listening such as listening for main ideas and paraphrasing
  • Participants will learn the techniques for MUET speaking such as to justify, agree, disagree etc.
  • Participants will learn the current MUET grading system.
  • Participants will familiar with MUET exam questions styles following from MUET past year paper analysis session.
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