Visa / Student Pass

Visa / Student Pass

International applicants are required to apply for Visa with Reference (VDR) before entering Malaysia. Visa with Reference (VDR) will be issued by the Representative Office of the Malaysia Embassies aboard to enable applicants to enter Malaysia after the visa is approved by the Immigration Department Headquarters in Malaysia. The VDR process will normally take 1 to 2 months. (Depends on Immigration processes and decisions).

Step by Step : How to Apply for the VDR

Step 1
The following documents are required when applying for the VDR and applicants are required to submit complete scanned documents via email to soonest possible:
  • One (1) copy of the conditional offer letter from University of Malaya.
  • One (1) copy of the highest academic certificate and results; Original and translated. It must be translated in English from the Translation Institute of your country with an authorized and official stamp.
  • One (1) passport-sized photo (with white background).
  • One (1) set of all the pages in the passport (including blanks) to be copied one sided on A4-sized paper.
  • The address of the Malaysian Embassy in your country of origin for the collection of the VDR letter (to be printed on A4-sized paper)
  • Student's details: Full name, full address in your own country, address in Malaysia (if any) and phone number.
  • For Iranian citizenship: Full name, full address in your own country, and Malaysia (if any), Emergency contact number in Iran and Malaysia.
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6
Step 7
Step 8
Step 9

New applicants will be charged an additional Journey Performed (JP) visa fees. This requirement will also apply to those who are on a Single Entry Visa (Social/Tourist) obtained from the Malaysian Embassy/ Consulate from their country of origin. 


  • As an International student, you are required to follow the rules and regulations imposed by the Malaysian Immigration Department during your study here. The offer of admission does not come with a Student Pass. Students must obtain a '˜Single Entry Visa' from the nearest Malaysian Embassy/Consulate before entering Malaysia if it is required by their countries.
  • Applicants who have previously applied for any institution in Malaysia are required to cancel their application from the said institution. UMCCed is unable to apply the Student Pass for an applicant unless that institution has made the cancellation with the EMGS. Applicants are required to get a release letter from the said institution.
  • For applicants holding a Student/Employment/Dependent or other Pass from another institution/organization/company, please ensure that the existing pass validity period is shortened by the said institution/organization/company.
  • In addition, the Immigration Authority of Malaysia requires all universities in Malaysia to sign a Personal Bond on behalf of the applicant, binding the University for the said sum. Applicants need to pay the personal bond if they violate any provision of the Immigration Ordinance 1959 (F.M. 12 of 1969) and Immigration Regulations 1963 (F.L.N 228/63).


The Immigration officer at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) will stamp Special Pass of 30 days in the applicant passport.

How to Get the Student Visa

Step 1- Make a Copy of the VAL Letter
Applicant has to print out the VAL letter.
Step 2 - Register for the ELPP Programme at UMCCed.
Step 3 - UMCCed Medical Report
Step 4 - Submission
Step 5- Passport With Student Visa

To submit the passport with near expiry date of the Single Entry Visa (SEV) or the SEV date has expired. Penalty of RM350 will be imposed by Visa Unit to make payment for SEV extension and applying for the Special Pass.

The Malaysia Immigration Department requires all university and institutions in Malaysia to sign a Personal Bond on behalf of the applicant, binding the university for the said sum.
Students need to pay the Personal Bond to ensure there is no violation of any provision of the Immigration Ordinance 1959 (F.M.12 of 1969) and Immigration Regulations 1963 (F.L.N.228/63).


  • UMCCed does NOT prepare a Dependant Pass for the applicant family members. UMCCed only processes the Student Pass for the applicant.
  • Students who will be registering with UM, must apply for the cancellation of the existing Student Pass with UMCCed two (2) months before the expiry date and subsequently apply for a new Student Pass with UM.
  • A student who has overstayed in Malaysia will be taken to the Immigration Department for questioning by the Immigration Enforcement Officer, accompanied by the Visa officer of UMMCed. Any penalty imposed by the Immigration Department must be borne by the student.
  • Students with a passport validity period which is less than the duration of the extension sought, must first apply for renewal of the validity period of the passport before applying for the extension.
  • Students who obtain poor results based on the last examination held will be reviewed by the Immigration Department. The Final decision of the period of extension will be made by the Immigration Officer in charge.
  • Please be cautioned that the immigration rules and regulations are revised constantly and it is your responsibility to stay abreast of any changes made thereof. Please inform the person in-charge of visa at UMCCed of any changes to your email address. All important notifications and changes pertaining to immigration rules, regulations and procedures will be notified via email. Should you have further enquiries on immigration matters, please contact us at:

Officer in-charge: 
Mr. Firdaus

University Malaya Center for Continuing Education (UMCCed),
Level 7, Wisma R&D University of Malaya,
Jalan Pantai Baharu,
59990 Kuala Lumpur.
Telephone number: 603-2246 3600 

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For further details about Visa/ Student Pass, please contact:

Visa Unit
University of Malaya Centre For Continuing Education (UMCCed)
Level 7, Wisma R&D University of Malaya, Jalan Pantai Baharu 
59990 Kuala Lumpur



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